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21 DAY FIX   Want to lose 15 pounds in 21 days? You can do it! Celebrity Trainer Autumn Calabrese will show you how with the NEW 21 Day Fix!   Mon 5/25 4:00 AM
Portable Cooktop   Faster, Safer and more Eco-friendly Cooking.   Mon 5/25 4:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Mon 5/25 5:00 AM
Wheelin' & Dealin'   The Worx Aerocart is much more than a wheelbarrow. The Turbo Lift design makes a 200lb load feel like only 17lbs. It is a highly versatile lifting and moving work system that instantly converts from a wheelbarrow to a dolly in seconds.   Mon 5/25 5:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Mon 5/25 6:00 AM
Goes Everywhere, Cleans Everything - Shark Rocket!   The Shark Rocket Professional - Better Carpet Cleaning. Vacuum 1/3 the cost of the competition, lighter weight, enhanced swivel steering.   Mon 5/25 6:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Mon 5/25 7:00 AM
Through the Bible With Les Feldick   With Les Feldick.   Mon 5/25 7:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Mon 5/25 8:00 AM
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews   Promoting understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians.   Mon 5/25 8:30 AM
Blue Bloods   The family argues over Danny's questionable tactics as he searches for a missing girl; Jamie starts his new life as a cop.   Mon 5/25 9:00 AM
Blue Bloods   A good Samaritan with a police record takes action against a terrorizing subway criminal, forcing the Reagans to weigh the rights and wrongs of vigilantism.   Mon 5/25 10:00 AM
Blue Bloods   Danny, Erin and Frank work together to seek justice when the main suspect in a rape case is protected by diplomatic immunity.   Mon 5/25 11:00 AM
Blue Bloods   When an off-duty police officer is killed during a diamond heist, the entire NYPD searches for the person responsible.   Mon 5/25 12:00 PM
Blue Bloods   The Reagans argue the advantages and disadvantages of profiling; Danny, Frank and the rest of the NYPD search for a homemade bomb about to detonate.   Mon 5/25 1:00 PM
Blue Bloods   Three teenagers die from drug overdose, and Danny sets out to find their narcotic source and bring the responsible to justice.   Mon 5/25 2:00 PM
Blue Bloods   The family questions Erin's tactics when she tries to take down a gang leader by using his law-abiding brother as bait.   Mon 5/25 3:00 PM
Blue Bloods   After witnessing a crime in progress, Jamie pursues a suspect; Danny has to help Jamie avoid an internal affairs investigation.   Mon 5/25 4:00 PM
Blue Bloods   Erin becomes the subject of a personal and deadly vendetta when a reviled rapist and murderer she put away is released from jail.   Mon 5/25 5:00 PM
Blue Bloods   Danny investigates when a doorman at a nightclub is murdered; Frank makes a decision about a former partner's future.   Mon 5/25 6:00 PM