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Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Sun 4/20 7:00 AM
Airbrushed Beauty   Airbrushed makeup made easy!   Sun 4/20 8:30 AM
Four Weddings   Tara's wedding is all about the party; Katie planned a Roaring '20s affair; Christina is calling the shots; Jennie and her bride celebrate their long-awaited ceremony.   Sun 4/20 9:00 AM
Four Weddings   Nicole's beach-theme wedding; Ty's penthouse bash; Aurea's garden ceremony; Lara's Viennese dessert hour.   Sun 4/20 10:00 AM
Four Weddings   Keshia exchanges vows on the lawn of a mansion; Jaclyn says I do at the zoo; Melissa decorates with paper decorations; Megan explores with tarot cards.   Sun 4/20 11:00 AM
Four Weddings   Heather and her surf and sand nuptials; Shakelia's big day is in a Baptist church; Jessica and karaoke; Chimere's guests sip mocktails under a 12-foot Eiffel Tower.   Sun 4/20 12:00 PM
The Little Couple   The couple receives promising news from India about their pending adoption; Jen wants to get in more bonding time with Will before they add to their family.   Sun 4/20 1:00 PM
The Little Couple   Will navigates his new home with confidence; with the hazards of a pool Bill and Jen decide its time for him to learn to swim.   Sun 4/20 1:30 PM
The Little Couple   Bill and Jen prepare for a trip to India to adopt a daughter, Zoey.   Sun 4/20 2:00 PM
The Little Couple   Finally leaving for India to pick up Zoey; the couple has no idea new siblings WIll and Zoey will react to each other.   Sun 4/20 3:00 PM
The Little Couple   Jen starts to feel ill as the family travels to New Delhi; forced into making a difficult decision.   Sun 4/20 4:00 PM
The Little Couple   Bill must finish up Zoey's adoption in India; facing a family crisis.   Sun 4/20 5:00 PM
The Little Couple   It is Bill and Jen's first holiday as parents and they are eager to make new memories.   Sun 4/20 6:00 PM
The Little Couple   The couple looks back at the challenges they have faced with their new family, all while battling a rare cancer. Jen receives news from her oncologist.   Sun 4/20 7:00 PM
The Little Couple   Taking a trip to San Francisco; Jen is invited to give a speech; the family makes sure she follows the doctor's orders.   Sun 4/20 7:30 PM
Long Island Medium   Larry and Theresa trade lives for a day when Larry gets upset at Theresa's spending habits; helping grieving parents who lost their teenage son.   Sun 4/20 8:00 PM
Long Island Medium   It is Spring Cleaning time and Theresa cannot seem to let anything go; Theresa brings up an unusual item a woman put in her mother's coffin.   Sun 4/20 8:30 PM
Long Island Medium   A portrait of Theresa and Larry; bringing comfort to a woman who lost two daughters within months.   Sun 4/20 9:00 PM
Long Island Medium   Theresa burns sage at her brother's house warming party, without telling him first. Theresa reconnects a woman with her son.   Sun 4/20 9:30 PM
My Five Wives   The wives lend support as Rhonda waits for test results. Rosemary's new ring brings Robyn's issues with Brady to the surface.   Sun 4/20 10:00 PM