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Remove unwanted hair, permanently, painlessly at home   FlashNGO Luxx will remove unwanted hair, painlessly and permanently in the privacy of your home. And it will cost you a fraction of what its costs to do it by a professional.   Fri 3/27 4:30 AM
Try Green Tea CR(tm) FREE   Join the The Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham as he discusses the big three - Green Tea combined with the joint-boosting power of BCM-95BioCurcuminplus Resveratrol for healthy aging. Get your FREE bottle now!   Fri 3/27 5:00 AM
Derm Exclusive!   Forget Surgery! Dr. Andrew Ordon shows you the trick to looking visibly younger, INSTANTLY with Derm Exclusive by Beachbody.   Fri 3/27 5:30 AM
Escaping the Prophet   Flora thinks the FLDS is building an underground city in the canyons; she also learns that her father has promised her sister as a second wife to a 45-year old man.   Fri 3/27 6:00 AM
19 Kids and Counting   Josiah is graduating and the family cleans up before welcoming 400 friends to celebrate. An unexpected phone call with a big surprise.   Fri 3/27 7:00 AM
19 Kids and Counting   The Duggars arrive in Washington, D.C.; the older girls brave driving; the family visits a skating rink with lots of slips and falls.   Fri 3/27 7:30 AM
19 Kids and Counting   Traveling halfway around the world to see if Derick could be "the one"; Jessa's courtship with Ben; Derick asks Jim Bob a very important question.   Fri 3/27 8:00 AM
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant   Victoria suddenly goes into labor at her mother-in-law's house, never suspecting she was pregnant.   Fri 3/27 9:00 AM
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant   A woman goes into labor in her bathtub.   Fri 3/27 9:30 AM
Hoarding: Buried Alive   A man, 55, plans to abandon his hoard and move in with his mother, who is also a hoarder; a woman risks having her house condemned due to her hoarding.   Fri 3/27 10:00 AM
Half-Ton Killer: Transformed   Since her acquittal of her nephew's murder a woman has taken steps to save her own life in hopes to adopt her nieces and nephew; the challenges of losing a large amount of weight.   Fri 3/27 11:00 AM
What Not to Wear   A woman who has dropped 170 pounds gets help recognizing her beauty from Stacy and Clinton.   Fri 3/27 12:00 PM
What Not to Wear   Melinda wears tight clothes that have prevented her from joining the family business; Stacy and Clinton help her find a more mature style.   Fri 3/27 1:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   A bride needs a huge ball gown that will wow all of her 700 guests; when a bride wants more bling her father has a special surprise; a bride needs a personal touch when her dress is lacking sparkle.   Fri 3/27 2:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   A triplet bride whose opinionated sisters want the final say; two sisters find they have similar tastes; a bride opted for a modest dress but is having second thoughts.   Fri 3/27 2:30 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   A pageant queen wants to choose her own dress for once; a color pallet to please in-laws.   Fri 3/27 3:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   Comedian Seth Meyers surprises Shealynn; a southern model wants a sexy dress.   Fri 3/27 3:30 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   A fashionista shops with her uncle; a daddy's girl who's father is desperate to please; a fancy lace gown for a manor wedding.   Fri 3/27 4:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   A glitzy dress to compliment a luxurious lifestyle; a sports fan bride; a boss helps find a dress.   Fri 3/27 4:30 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   A bride wants to show off her tattoo, but her mother wants it covered; a singer needs a dress for her jazz-inspired wedding; one bride has only a month until her wedding.   Fri 3/27 5:00 PM