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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   Adrianna is a TV host looking to show off her figure for her desert wedding; her mother has conservative ideas; Christine hopes to please her outspoken daughters.   Sat 8/1 9:00 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   Looking for a modern gown with pockets; a bride and her father have always been close until she purchased a gown without his approval.   Sat 8/1 9:30 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   Engaged partners Amy and Lex have different dress styles; bride Tara wants to stand out in a high-neck dress.   Sat 8/1 10:00 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   A bride brings 12 friends to the salon to help her choose a dress; one bride wants a gown to show off her curves; an bride wants her sister's approval for her shoe choice.   Sat 8/1 10:30 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   A dress a bride and her sister can agree on; a bride looking with no style or budget in mind; looking for a glam dress but grandma disagrees.   Sat 8/1 11:00 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   A pastor bride wants to look sexy on her big day; a bride looking for a new glam dress; a bride stuns in an unexpected choice.   Sat 8/1 11:30 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   A bride's entourage forgets to consider her vision; a picky bride tries more than 75 dresses; a bride surprises everyone at her fitting.   Sat 8/1 12:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   Amanda wants to show off her tattoos but her mother prefers she cover up; Lexie needs a dress to match her fiances heirloom veil; Brittany is indecisive.   Sat 8/1 12:30 PM
Women in Prison   Hannah has been incarcerated at the Indiana Women's Prison since she was 17 years old after a series of events end in murder; serving time for fraud, Alicia's relationship with her husband falters while she fights for custody of her son.   Sat 8/1 1:00 PM
Women in Prison   A shocking crime lands Anastazia in prison, and she is faced with the challenge of parenting her daughter from behind bars; former art teacher Betsy is serving a lengthy sentence after making a devastating mistake.   Sat 8/1 2:00 PM
Women in Prison   Funny and quick-witted Red, who serves as an emcee at the prison talent show, reunites with her mother and vows to change her ways forever; introverted Lara composes an autobiographical song to perform at the talent show.   Sat 8/1 3:00 PM