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Wedding Island   It's a double wedding weekend at Weddings in Vieques; Sandy's team attempts to put together a balloon arch; one bride wishes to arrive via helicopter.   Wed 7/29 6:00 AM
Cake Boss   Buddy must make a birthday cake that works as a real elevator; Mauro is in charge of making a cake for the North Jersey Spelling Bee.   Wed 7/29 7:00 AM
Cake Boss   Buddy's mama has learned that she has a serious illness; Buddy makes a special one-of-a-kind cake.   Wed 7/29 7:30 AM
Cake Boss   Two fashionistas order a glow-in-the-dark zombie cake for a fashion show; a family asks Buddy for a specialty cake on the spot.   Wed 7/29 8:00 AM
Cake Boss   A low rider cake that bounces; a Coliseum cake for a Roman costume party; taking a yoga class.   Wed 7/29 8:30 AM
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant   After failing two pregnancy tests, a woman is shocked to learn the truth about her symptoms; a woman gets a surprise after having gastric bypass surgery.   Wed 7/29 9:00 AM
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant   A woman goes into labor in her bathtub.   Wed 7/29 9:30 AM
Hoarding: Buried Alive   Kathy's extreme hoarding forced her 12-year-old son to move out of their home.   Wed 7/29 10:00 AM
My 600-Lb. Life   At just 24-years-old, Bettie Jo is on her way to reaching 700 pounds and relies on her husband for even her basic needs.   Wed 7/29 11:00 AM
Four Weddings   Deyana's ten tier cake; Danielle's rotating penthouse party; Deedee's Thai gifts; Julianna's Brazilian carnival.   Wed 7/29 12:00 PM
Four Weddings   Lauren impresses with food; Kathiria has a sexy tango; Christina hires a pirate and German oompah band; Jamie shares the aisle with her dog.   Wed 7/29 1:00 PM
Four Weddings   Grooms take over the wedding planning and judging to win the honeymoon for their brides.   Wed 7/29 2:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   A second-time bride hopes dress shopping with her mother will convince her to attend the wedding; a low budget; second thoughts at a gown fitting.   Wed 7/29 3:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta   A bride who got engaged over the phone and has not seen her fiance in 12 years; bride Emma lost 50 pounds and debates buying a smaller gown and losing more weight before her wedding.   Wed 7/29 3:30 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   A country star looks for a dress that commands center stage; a rock girl wants a sexy gown; a songwriter is nervous for her fitting.   Wed 7/29 4:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   Searching for a $14,000 Pnina dress no one can find; a brides two NFL star brothers secretly plan to purchase her gown; one bride's unwanted addition to her dress.   Wed 7/29 4:30 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   Aimee says she wants a dress that's tight, blingy and "a little slutty"; Yovanna wants a dress that shows off her figure; Sahar has her fitting.   Wed 7/29 5:00 PM
Say Yes to the Dress   Ty is looking for two dresses; Jacqueline would like two different style-dresses; Christina is at the salon for her second dress fitting.   Wed 7/29 5:30 PM
My Giant Life   Lindsey gets ready to see her father for the first time in years; Colleen hires a matchmaker after disappointing dates; Nancy looks for a prom dress; Haleigh starts the wedding plans.   Wed 7/29 6:00 PM
I Am Jazz   Jazz's insecurities surface when a friend hosts a co-ed bowling night; Jazz's room receives a much-needed teenage makeover.   Wed 7/29 7:00 PM