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Dirty Jobs   Mike learns some of the tricks of the haircutting trade; Mike spends the day working as a landfill operator.   Tue 7/7 11:03 PM
Dirty Jobs   The U.S. Army helps Mike Rowe celebrate his 100th dirty job; behind the scenes and best moments of the show.   Wed 7/8 12:04 AM
Dirty Jobs   Mike helps to erect a radio communications tower; celebrating the milestone of doing a dirty job in each of the 50 states.   Wed 7/8 2:06 AM
Dirty Jobs   Mike learns some of the tricks of the haircutting trade; Mike spends the day working as a landfill operator.   Wed 7/8 3:00 AM
Ivory Wars   The team comes face-to-face with a herd of slaughtered elephants and immediately begin tracking those responsible.   Wed 7/8 4:00 AM
Saving Africa's Giants With Yao Ming   Former NBA basketball star and Houston Rockets center Yao Ming is on a mission to end a Chinese tradition over 1,000 years old and end the illegal ivory and rhino horn trade in his home country of China.   Wed 7/8 5:00 AM
Orangutan Island   The group endures a loss; some of the orangutans learn new survival lessons.   Wed 7/8 6:00 AM
Escape to Chimp Eden   Jao faces a challenge for leadership from the number two male, Zac.   Wed 7/8 6:30 AM
Big Cat Diary   Solo the lion cub pushes his luck at dinner with a large male; Safi the leopard cub is found, but her mother is still missing.   Wed 7/8 7:00 AM
Big Cat Diary   Shadow encounters a tough opponent; desert heat; Kimbia and Cheetah capitalize on an opportunity.   Wed 7/8 7:30 AM
The Crocodile Hunter   Visiting U.S. armed forces, Steve checks out Air Force jets and helps soldiers move venomous snakes out of harm's way.   Wed 7/8 8:00 AM
Animal Cops Houston   SPCA must rescue dozens of animals thatare threatened by wildfires following emergency evacuations in southern Texas.   Wed 7/8 9:00 AM
Pit Bulls and Parolees   Tia recruits the twins and a new work-release prisoner to rescue a pit bull from a cavernous hole; Mariah helps Tia with a heart-wrenching adoption.   Wed 7/8 10:00 AM
Pit Bulls and Parolees   Dog is left for dead in a dangerous part of town; South Carolina college girl looks to adopt a special needs dog; dog is dumped on rescue center's doorstep.   Wed 7/8 11:00 AM
Dirty Jobs   Mike reunites with his catfish-noodler friend for some tough plumbing; drilling mud at a synthetic mud company, and oil drilling with roughnecks.   Wed 7/8 12:00 PM
Dirty Jobs   Mike spreads concrete for curbside and sidewalk foundations; then reunites with Vexcon for some termite extermination and chips concrete out of the back of a truck.   Wed 7/8 1:00 PM
Dirty Jobs   Making mushrooms by mixing horse manure and grounded straw; rat-infested rain drains in LA; shower drains in Erie, Penn.   Wed 7/8 2:00 PM
North Woods Law   The wardens watch for illegal hunting activity along the Canadian border; Warden MacCabe uses a rocket net to capture nuisance wild turkeys.   Wed 7/8 3:00 PM
North Woods Law   Wardens investigate a sledding crash that put a person in the hospital; the wardens are in hot pursuit of some drunk snowmobilers; a suspecting pile of animal parts in the snow betrays a family of poachers.   Wed 7/8 4:00 PM
North Woods Law   Poachers are caught thanks to a smartphone and quick thinking; two drunk sledders are giving chase after they run over a warden; Herring goes after a man he knows with multiple warrants; LaFlamme comes to the aid of a herd of deer.   Wed 7/8 5:00 PM