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Finding Bigfoot   The investigators meet two bigfooters with hard evidence and join them on a night investigation at Skinwalker Canyon in New Mexico; after an intense town-hall meeting, the team splits up and trek for the Four Corners Monument.   Wed 5/6 12:00 AM
Mountain Monsters   The team travels to Pike County, Kentucky to investigate a huge canine predator.   Wed 5/6 2:00 AM
Mountain Monsters   The team travel to Pocahontas County, West Virginia, to investigate a gigantic, aquatic reptile called the Fire Dragon. There they meet with eyewitnesses and constructs an elaborate water trap before pursuing the creature on land and boat.   Wed 5/6 3:00 AM
Finding Bigfoot   Utah State University reports suggest that Bigfoots may reside in the mountainous region.   Wed 5/6 4:00 AM
Finding Bigfoot   Multiple sightings of sasquatch are reported in the Sierras; the team hopes a past relic will attract the curiosity of the alleged creatures.   Wed 5/6 5:00 AM
Orangutan Island   Exhausted from her motherly duties with baby Hardi, Kiki will never get a break unless she decides to let the other females do the unthinkable: babysit.   Wed 5/6 6:00 AM
Escape to Chimp Eden   The success of a new family group depends on its alpha female, Martha.   Wed 5/6 6:30 AM
Big Cat Diary   Wed 5/6 7:00 AM
Big Cat Diary   Wed 5/6 7:30 AM
The Crocodile Hunter   Steve journeys to a remote section of the Luangwa River in Zambia to study Nile crocodiles, which are known as "flatdogs" in Africa.   Wed 5/6 8:00 AM
Animal Cops Houston   Thirty sick and injured dogs are rescued from an elderly couple; two abandoned dogs need help; the barn team must take care of 100 fighting roosters.   Wed 5/6 9:00 AM
Pit Bulls and Parolees   Never-before-seen moments and a look back at the most memorable moments of season six.   Wed 5/6 10:00 AM
Pit Bulls and Parolees   Tia gets a phone call about an emaciated pit bull, turning out to be one of the worst cases she has ever seen; Earl attempts to convince the NY State authorities that a prison dog program is in their best interest.   Wed 5/6 11:00 AM
Dirty Jobs   Mike travels to Texas to help out a ranch that has and breeds different species of exotic animals including; lemurs, sloths, bearcats and camels.   Wed 5/6 12:00 PM
Dirty Jobs   Mike acts as a fugitive attempting to outsmart a team of bloodhounds and evade being captured; combating invasive species in the Florida Everglades.   Wed 5/6 1:00 PM
Dirty Jobs   Mike spends the day at a bowling center to learn how they keep the lanes running smoothly. Then he responds to a letter from a fan who wants to see more footage of cameraman Doug.   Wed 5/6 2:00 PM
To Be Announced   Wed 5/6 3:00 PM
River Monsters   Jeremy stalks a rare river beast in Mongolia while minding the armed outlaws in the wilderness.   Wed 5/6 7:00 PM
River Monsters   Jeremy is surrounded by dense jungle and hostage-taking rebels when he investigates the death of a bride in the Colombian Amazon.   Wed 5/6 8:00 PM
River Monsters   Wade is on the hunt to find out what was behind the Sobral Santos attack on the Amazon River, where more than 200 passengers were killed on a pitch-black night.   Wed 5/6 9:00 PM