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I Love Lucy   Lucy tries to crash Ricky's nightclub act with a jitterbug dance.   Thu 3/5 6:00 AM
I Love Lucy   The Ricardos and the Mertzes appear on the quiz show "How to Rate Your Marriage.".   Thu 3/5 6:30 AM
I Love Lucy   Lucy and Ethel start their own business making and selling salad dressing.   Thu 3/5 7:00 AM
I Love Lucy   Little Ricky wanders off while Ricky and Fred watch a football game, but not before Ricky gives a Cuban version of "Little Red Riding Hood" when putting the baby down for a nap.   Thu 3/5 7:30 AM
The Golden Girls   Blanche discovers she has exceeded the legal number of tenants she is allowed; Dorothy discovers Sophia's first marriage.   Thu 3/5 8:00 AM
The Golden Girls   Rose thinks her late husband is using inanimate objects to communicate with her from beyond the grave.   Thu 3/5 8:30 AM
The Golden Girls   Blanche's date still lives with his mother; Stan wants Dorothy and Sophia to attend therapy with him.   Thu 3/5 9:00 AM
The Golden Girls   Dorothy's Saturday night date causes Rose, Blanche and Sophia to recall scandalous evenings from the past.   Thu 3/5 9:30 AM
Home & Family   Actress Mircea Monroe discusses the season finale of her Golden Globe-winning show; the Blue Ribbon Baker, Marjorie Johnson, returns to share another prize-winning recipe.   Thu 3/5 10:00 AM
Home & Family   Actress Gwendoline Yeo discusses her new series; chef Alejandra Schrader makes one of her signature dishes.   Thu 3/5 12:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie   News of Charles' inheritance from a wealthy relative prompts townspeople to suggest uses for the money.   Thu 3/5 2:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie   Charles helps Mr. Oleson's unloved nephew learn values by hiring him for odd jobs.   Thu 3/5 3:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie   Pregnant Caroline worries Charles will be disappointed if her baby is a girl.   Thu 3/5 4:00 PM
The Waltons   Planning a surprise for the family with the Baldwin sisters, Grandpa makes Grandma jealous.   Thu 3/5 5:00 PM
The Waltons   A widow accuses John of stealing while he was working in her mansion; guest Dennis Dugan.   Thu 3/5 6:00 PM
The Waltons   Widow Verdie Grant seeks help to win an itinerant laborer with a young son.   Thu 3/5 7:00 PM
The Waltons   John-Boy catches a friend stealing chickens, then learns that the man who was robbed has been shot.   Thu 3/5 8:00 PM
The Middle   Frankie decides to throw a Christmas Eve party; Mike struggles to keep Frankie's Christmas gift a secret; Sue asks the Rev. Tim Tom to explain the meaning of Christmas to Brick; Axl is put off by Bob's efforts to seem cool.   Thu 3/5 9:00 PM
The Middle   Frankie decides that each family member will have a New Year's resolution assigned anonymously, with an incentive to help keep everyone on track; chaos ensues as all try to fulfill their promises.   Thu 3/5 9:30 PM
The Middle   After Aunt Ginny's funeral, Frankie decides the family needs to start celebrating more milestones; Axl eats Brick's school project; Sue learns a boy at school has a crush on her.   Thu 3/5 10:00 PM