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Tomb of 1,000 Roman Skeletons   The discovery of more than 1,000 skeletons in a secret Roman tomb leads archaeologists on a quest to discover who the people were and how they died.   Fri 9/4 9:00 AM
Wicked Tuna   A look at the best and worst moments from the previous seasons; top fishermen of Gloucester battle for the ocean's top catches; a sneak-peak at the upcoming season.   Fri 9/4 10:00 AM
Wicked Tuna   Captains in Gloucester race to bring in the first catch on opening day of the new bluefin season; bitter rivals and new mates.   Fri 9/4 11:00 AM
Wicked Tuna   Capt. Tyler McLaughlin sets his sights on beating Capt. Dave Carraro; tensions spill over when the rivalry goes too far during a prank.   Fri 9/4 12:00 PM
Alaska State Troopers   A car rolls off of a cliff and into a stream on a mountain pass; an unresponsive man passes out in his car in the middle of the road; a young woman says masked men are trying to enter her home.   Fri 9/4 1:00 PM
Alaska State Troopers   Officers in Alaska use skills, wit, and guts to bring suspects to justice.   Fri 9/4 2:00 PM
Science of Stupid   Exploring the many things that can go wrong when dancing on tables, doing wheelies on quad bikes and sliding on the floor.   Fri 9/4 3:00 PM
Science of Stupid   Examining shifting force and unwanted acceleration through soccer playing, getting thrown in the air and fooling around with mousetraps.   Fri 9/4 3:30 PM
Science of Stupid   How people can humiliate themselves when playing racquet sports, performing a chair dance or riding a fixed-gear bike.   Fri 9/4 4:00 PM
Science of Stupid   Exploring the many ways to be humiliated while climbing a lamppost, busting a break-dance and riding an off-road skateboard.   Fri 9/4 4:30 PM
Science of Stupid   Minimizing friction using wheels; varying degrees of impact force; the effects of having a high center of mass.   Fri 9/4 5:00 PM
Science of Stupid   The dangers of momentum in dance, friction on ice and parabolas at weddings; doing headstands; turning on a Jet Ski; attending a wedding.   Fri 9/4 5:30 PM
Diggers   The Diggers gain exclusive access to three sites from the famous Battle of Saratoga.   Fri 9/4 6:00 PM
Diggers   The Diggers head for two spots on the Santa Fe Trail, along which Wild West legends frequently stopped.   Fri 9/4 6:30 PM
Science of Stupid   Learning about the dangers of angular momentum in dance, friction in ice skating and rotation in soccer.   Fri 9/4 7:00 PM
Science of Stupid   Discovering the hazards of playing beer pong and what can go wrong when vaulting over walls and bouncing on gym balls.   Fri 9/4 7:30 PM
Science of Stupid   Learning about stretch, speed and centrifugal force through the hazards of rollerblading, spinning nunchucks and riding on miniature motorbikes.   Fri 9/4 8:00 PM
Science of Stupid   Exploring the hazards of ballet dancing and Jet Skiing; taking part in a good old-fashioned pillow fight; user-generated videos.   Fri 9/4 8:30 PM
Science of Stupid   The things that can go wrong when visiting a water park, chest bumping or attempting a spinning karate kick.   Fri 9/4 9:00 PM
Science of Stupid   Table tennis players prepare like any other sports professionals; much can go wrong, as in any high-speed activity.   Fri 9/4 9:30 PM