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American Genius   Insight into the heated rivalry between the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss in the race for flight that laid the groundwork for modern aviation.   Tue 6/2 1:00 AM
StarTalk   Astronaut Chris Hadfield discusses social media milestones in space and how today's astronauts are using it; former astronaut and engineer Dr. Mike Massimino and comic Eugene Mirman weigh in.   Tue 6/2 2:00 AM
Hard Time   Families on the outside struggle to communicate and come to terms with their loved ones behind bars.   Tue 6/2 3:00 AM
Hard Time   While incarcerated in Ross Correctional Institution, the inmates must choose between rehabilitation and falling prey to the convict mentality.   Tue 6/2 4:00 AM
Going Ape   Human desire to be popular comes from an instinctive need to be liked; primates and humans both need to be part of social groups.   Tue 6/2 5:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Tue 6/2 6:00 AM
Eat & Lose Weight   Use your favorite foods to lose weight and make over your metabolism!   Tue 6/2 6:30 AM
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Looking for a Medicare plan? Tune in now!   Watch and learn about Humana Medicare Advantage plans.   Tue 6/2 8:00 AM
24 Ladders in 1   Little Giant Ladder system is a revolutionary adjustable unit that can transform into 24 different ladders.   Tue 6/2 8:30 AM
American Genius   A look at the battle between inventors Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to dominate a new age and bring the personal computer to all.   Tue 6/2 9:00 AM
Live Free or Die   Five individuals tough out winter in America's backwoods and swamps; Thorn struggles to find food; Tony and Amelia battle the cold in their small cabin; Colbert catches a large beaver; Gabriel lands a rat.   Tue 6/2 10:00 AM
Live Free or Die   Survivalists face unexpected challenges as winter comes to a close. Colbert catches a raccoon, but is faced with a tragedy when he returns home; Tony and Amelia work on building a water filter; Thorn finds himself with an eye infection and fever.   Tue 6/2 11:00 AM
Live Free or Die   The brutal winter is ending, but the hunt for food remains a challenge. In dire need of meat, Gabriel and Justin shift their target prey; Tony and Amelia clear space for a coop; Thorn's camp is overcome by rainfall; Colbert makes a tragic discovery.   Tue 6/2 12:00 PM
Live Free or Die   As winter finally ends in Appalachia, the rainy weather brought by spring's arrival becomes a nuisance for Tony and Amelia.   Tue 6/2 1:00 PM
Live Free or Die   Changing seasons force everyone to quickly come up with new ways to adapt to their environment.   Tue 6/2 2:00 PM
Alaska State Troopers   The troopers set up a sting operation; a violent man causes a tense standoff.   Tue 6/2 3:00 PM
Alaska State Troopers   Alaska troopers team pursue a wanted man through a forest; protecting the neighborhood from a curious bear.   Tue 6/2 4:00 PM
Life Below Zero   A hundred days without sunlight approach; Glenn needs to retrieve more wood for heat; Andy and Kate rescue a bear cub; the Hailstones gather resources for themselves and their neighbors; Sue has a long list to complete.   Tue 6/2 5:00 PM