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Chopped   Chefs prepare appetizers with marrow bones; labor intensive ingredient in the entree round; frozen ingredient in the dessert basket.   Wed 3/4 12:00 PM
The Pioneer Woman   Comfort classics include tomato soup, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs and yogurt parfait for dessert.   Wed 3/4 1:00 PM
Barefoot Contessa   Three canap├ęs; Salmon tartare; sopresatta with cheese in puff pastry; chipotle and rosemary nuts.   Wed 3/4 1:30 PM
Secrets of a Restaurant Chef   Osso buco; risotto Milanese with saffron.   Wed 3/4 2:00 PM
30-Minute Meals   Italian sliced chicken and pork hoagies; mixed herb penne pesto.   Wed 3/4 2:30 PM
Giada at Home   Eloisa and her son visit Giada and her daughter for a play date.   Wed 3/4 3:00 PM
Giada at Home   Mini chicken and broccoli pot pies; round pasta; strawberry filled cupcakes.   Wed 3/4 3:30 PM
Barefoot Contessa   Tomatoes roasted with pesto and parmesan; desserts using Italian wine and liqueurs.   Wed 3/4 4:00 PM
Barefoot Contessa   Grilled pizza recipes.   Wed 3/4 4:30 PM
The Pioneer Woman   Black Beans takes center stage in mango guacamole, taco pizza, grilled veggie burritos and a quick black bean burger.   Wed 3/4 5:00 PM
Southern at Heart   Damaris brings the flavors of New Orleans home with a menu consisting of maque choux with tasso ham, olive tapenade muffaletta, and bananas Foster bread.   Wed 3/4 5:30 PM
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives   Great food in unexpected places.   Wed 3/4 6:00 PM
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives   Guy rolls in for classic meals in Maryland, Tennessee and Minnesota.   Wed 3/4 6:30 PM
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives   Overgrown coffee shop in San Diego; bar turned restaurant in Chicago; legendary diner in Atlanta.   Wed 3/4 7:00 PM
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives   Soul food-style wings and waffles; family home turned restaurant; Polish restaurant in a strip mall.   Wed 3/4 7:30 PM
Mystery Diners   The owner of The Hangout in California, notices an unusual increase in coupons.   Wed 3/4 8:00 PM
Mystery Diners   The owners of Mexicali Tacos in Los Angeles investigate rumors of customers being served food off-menu.   Wed 3/4 8:30 PM
Mystery Diners   Marko and Brett own competing food trucks in San Diego, but decide to work together to investigate revenue loss in both of their vehicles.   Wed 3/4 9:00 PM
Mystery Diners   The owners of Hot Red Bus, near Los Angeles, contact Charles after hearing rumors that their restaurant is open on the one day it's supposed to be closed.   Wed 3/4 9:30 PM
Restaurant: Impossible   The owner of El Bistro in Titusville, Pa., is behind in taxes, her savings is depleted, and so is her passion for the restaurant business.   Wed 3/4 10:00 PM