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Cause of Death   A geology professor helps the police with a case involving a missing graduate student who is presumed dead.   Mon 5/4 11:30 PM
True Crime With Aphrodite Jones   An Alabama man is executed at point-blank range in a partially completed subdivision within hours of arriving in the Atlanta area.   Tue 5/5 12:00 AM
Fear Thy Neighbor   When a man moves to Canyon Country, Calif., he finds himself embroiled in a bizarre and increasingly acrimonious 8-year year feud with a neighbor that terminates with blasts from a shotgun.   Tue 5/5 1:00 AM
Dateline on ID   CIA communications specialist Marie Singleton's homicide remains unsolved until her grown son remembers something important about his mother's killer more than a decade later.   Tue 5/5 2:00 AM
I'd Kill For You   A bitter custody battle between Jessica McCord and her ex-husband leads to double murder.   Tue 5/5 3:00 AM
I'd Kill For You   Something goes dreadfully wrong when a successful accountant rekindles a romantic relationship with his common law wife.   Tue 5/5 4:00 AM
I'd Kill For You   Tina Leja drops out of college and takes a job at a state prison where an unexpected romance turns out to have deadly consequences.   Tue 5/5 5:00 AM
Deadly Women   Young women's plans for revenge that end in murder.   Tue 5/5 6:00 AM
FBI: Criminal Pursuit   A detective is stunned to discover a violent sex slavery ring in the wealthy state of Connecticut.   Tue 5/5 7:00 AM
On the Case With Paula Zahn   A man and his girlfriend are assaulted by an intruder in their home.   Tue 5/5 8:00 AM
20/20 on ID   An entire city searches for a woman; a husband hits a man for revenge; an attorney is caught in a deadly crossfire between spouses.   Tue 5/5 9:00 AM
20/20 on ID   A secret past linked to teen stabbing her mother to death; lawyer and his wife vanish.   Tue 5/5 10:00 AM
Dark Temptations   After several Hollywood starlets are killed, one model stands up against the predator; a family reunion takes a tragic turn.   Tue 5/5 11:00 AM
Dark Temptations   A man is found dead with one leg cut off and police discover a bizarre obsession turned fatal; a Satanic cult is linked to the disappearance of a California mother.   Tue 5/5 12:00 PM
Swamp Murders   A mother of two is found in a swampy overgrowth and officials fins a web of romance and friendship that turned to murder.   Tue 5/5 1:00 PM
Swamp Murders   After two women found on the bottom of Georgia's Flint River lead, detectives suspect a serial killer, and find more bodies and betrayal.   Tue 5/5 2:00 PM
Swamp Murders   Sixteen years pass before teenager Krystal Baker's killer is brought to justice.   Tue 5/5 3:00 PM
Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case   An unusual source is used to chase down a cold blooded killer after couple is shot in their home.   Tue 5/5 4:00 PM
Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case   A college student is stabbed to death while working the nightshift at a convenience store, and her murder goes unsolved for 10 years until an informant steps forward.   Tue 5/5 5:00 PM
Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda   A 15 year old boy finds his mother shot to death when he comes home from school.   Tue 5/5 6:00 PM