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How It's Made   A countdown of some of the most recognizable products from the 1960's.   Fri 9/4 12:30 AM
How Do They Do It?   Fashioning the iconic Fedora hat; cement that builds the world; harvesting and freezing millions of peas in under three hours.   Fri 9/4 1:00 AM
How Do They Do It?   Crafting a Sitar; making beef biltong; building monster bulldozers.   Fri 9/4 1:30 AM
How It's Made   Anatomical models; jukeboxes; tortilla chips; spark plugs.   Fri 9/4 2:00 AM
How It's Made   Navajo rugs; crude oil; kaleidoscopes; titanium dental implants.   Fri 9/4 2:30 AM
How It's Made   How products from the hit series, Deadliest Catch, are made.   Fri 9/4 3:00 AM
How It's Made   A countdown of some of the most crucial items for living in Alaska.   Fri 9/4 3:30 AM
How It's Made   Combination wrenches; deli meats; golf carts; airships.   Fri 9/4 4:00 AM
How It's Made   See how gut strings, absinthe, belt buckles, lever locks are made.   Fri 9/4 4:30 AM
How It's Made   Boomerangs; barbecues; pinball machines; strobe lights.   Fri 9/4 5:00 AM
How It's Made   Plastic bottles and jars, mail, eggs, handcrafted wood pens.   Fri 9/4 5:30 AM
How It's Made   Headphones; diving regulators; reflector light bulbs.   Fri 9/4 6:00 AM
How It's Made   Temporary metal fences; asphalt shingles.   Fri 9/4 6:30 AM
How It's Made   Paving asphalt; marshmallow cookies; loudspeakers; electronic door locks.   Fri 9/4 7:00 AM
How It's Made   Hot rods; decorative eggs; fire hose nozzles; baseballs.   Fri 9/4 7:30 AM
Storm Chasers   The season starts out deadly and Josh and Sean race to get a bigger vehicle; a new player emerges in Tornado Alley as Reed Timmer beats the pros to get incredible tornado intercepts.   Fri 9/4 8:00 AM
Dirty Great Machines   Britain's deepest-ever tunnel is constructed in London. A giant mechanical worm creates a tunnel under the city's skyscrapers in Mexico.   Fri 9/4 9:00 AM
Dirty Great Machines   A look at the machines that are making mincemeat of the hardest rocks on the planet.   Fri 9/4 10:00 AM
Dirty Great Machines   In Western Australia, surface miners peel back the surface of the earth.   Fri 9/4 11:00 AM
Dirty Great Machines   A look aboard monster maritime machines.   Fri 9/4 12:00 PM