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How It's Made   Gummies; aluminum cans; fish farming; bronze.   Sun 3/29 5:30 AM
How It's Made   Laminated wood beams; off-road vehicles; veggie burgers; augers.   Sun 3/29 6:00 AM
How It's Made   Garden forks; English toffee; paint chip cards; Bundt pans.   Sun 3/29 6:30 AM
How It's Made   Cars; grocery carts; rapid tooling and prototyping; collectible coins.   Sun 3/29 7:00 AM
How It's Made   Fire extinguishers; doughnuts; shock absorbers; banjos.   Sun 3/29 7:30 AM
How It's Made   Slate tiles; hot dog carts; garage door openers; bicycle seats.   Sun 3/29 8:00 AM
How It's Made   Racing leathers; evaporative cooling towers; wood rocking chairs; wire wheels.   Sun 3/29 8:30 AM
How It's Made   Carbon fibre masts; fortune cookies; IMAX projectors; roller chains.   Sun 3/29 9:00 AM
How It's Made   Glass cookware; soap bars; steel drums; firefighter uniforms.   Sun 3/29 9:30 AM
How It's Made   Footballs; electric guitar amps; marbles; propellers.   Sun 3/29 10:00 AM
How It's Made   Turf grass; beef jerky; wood chippers; bowling pins.   Sun 3/29 10:30 AM
How It's Made   Copy paper; jeans; computers; plate glass. Host: Mark Tewksbury.   Sun 3/29 11:00 AM
How It's Made   Indy car seats; paper flowers; stand-by generators.   Sun 3/29 11:30 AM
How It's Made   Ice cream treats; wooden golf clubs; aircraft wings; car battery recycling.   Sun 3/29 12:00 PM
How It's Made   Firefighter helmets; nautical compasses; packaging tubes; hand saws.   Sun 3/29 12:30 PM
How It's Made   Pocket knives; soapstone products; electric pole transformers; snowshoes.   Sun 3/29 1:00 PM
How It's Made   Temporary metal fences; asphalt shingles.   Sun 3/29 1:30 PM
How It's Made   Hockey gloves; snack cakes; remolded tires; waste water treatment.   Sun 3/29 2:00 PM
How It's Made   Rubber gloves; soap carvings; aircraft cabinets; motorcycle brake locks.   Sun 3/29 2:30 PM
How It's Made   Jaws of life; artificial Christmas trees; soda crackers; ratchets.   Sun 3/29 3:00 PM