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How the Universe Works   A look inside the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way to discover terrifying secrets about parallel universes, wormholes, and space-time.   Wed 7/29 1:00 AM
NASA's Unexplained Files   NASA could be responsible for a nuclear explosion on Jupiter; new evidence could finally reveal the truth behind the mystery of the iconic face on Mars; looking at the unknown force that crashed a spacecraft from the Apollo program.   Wed 7/29 2:00 AM
How the Earth Works   A deadly volcano in the heart of Asia has the possibility of erupting and the power to plunge the world into a cruel dark age.   Wed 7/29 3:00 AM
How the Earth Works   Liz Bonnin and Martin Pepper investigate Mount Vesuvius; they find another potential supervolcano, Campi Flegrei.   Wed 7/29 4:00 AM
How the Earth Works   Liz and Martin go to Japan to see just how much of a threat volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis pose.   Wed 7/29 5:00 AM
How It's Made   Brushes and push brooms; blackboards; smoked salmon.   Wed 7/29 6:00 AM
How It's Made   Kayaks; safety boots; electric signs; cereal. Host: Mark Tewksbury.   Wed 7/29 6:30 AM
How It's Made   Decorative mouldings; commercial pulleys; industrial rubber hoses; vinyl floor sheeting.   Wed 7/29 7:00 AM
How It's Made   Plastic bottles and jars, mail, eggs, handcrafted wood pens.   Wed 7/29 7:30 AM
Storm Chasers   With all the research vehicles functioning again, the team members find themselves hunting in the same territory as their rival Reed Timmer.   Wed 7/29 8:00 AM
How It's Made   Retractable cords; wood frame sports cars; sushi.   Wed 7/29 9:00 AM
How It's Made   Fishing reels; miniature houses; kitchen mixers.   Wed 7/29 9:30 AM
How Do They Do It?   Manufacturing halogen light bulbs; car mufflers; creating unique lock and key sets.   Wed 7/29 10:00 AM
How Do They Do It?   Transporting oil rigs long distances; making electric shavers.   Wed 7/29 10:30 AM
How Do They Do It?   How to avoid docking disaster when handling a thousand ships a day; creating new oil reserves from forest mud; restoring old movies.   Wed 7/29 11:00 AM
How Do They Do It?   How they stop planes from icing up in cold weather; how clay is used to keep glossy magazines looking sharp; making a 200km-per-hour electric car.   Wed 7/29 11:30 AM
How Do They Do It?   Generating power from hydroelectric dams; manufacturing powerful computer microchips.   Wed 7/29 12:00 PM
How Do They Do It?   The Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy's flight demonstration squadron; an indoor ski slope located in one of the world's hottest deserts; turning fresh fish into sushi.   Wed 7/29 12:30 PM
How Do They Do It?   The technology behind high-speed trains; manufacturing ballpoint pens.   Wed 7/29 1:00 PM
How Do They Do It?   Blasting through rocks; mapping Earth; providing flowers year round.   Wed 7/29 1:30 PM