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Mountain Monsters   The team travels to central Kentucky in search of what they believe is the first Bigfoot to emerge from the cave system in Mammoth Cave National Park.   Sun 3/29 2:00 AM
Mountain Monsters   The team travels to Putnam County, W. Va. in search of a creature known as the "West Virginia Vampire"; the team must meet with eyewitnesses and build an elaborate maze trap in an attempt to capture the creature.   Sun 3/29 3:00 AM
Mountain Monsters   The team travels to Eastern Kentucky to investigate a dangerous and aggressive Bigfoot known as the "Wildman."   Sun 3/29 4:00 AM
Sport Fishing Television   John Brownlee joins Capt. Mike Sullivan of Kingfisher Charters and Lodge for a trip out of Sitka, Alaska; the duo fish for salmon, halibut and rockfish.   Sun 3/29 5:00 AM
The Next Bite   Pete takes on the challenge of fly-fishing for muskies with the help of fly-fishing professional Chris Willen.   Sun 3/29 5:30 AM
Scott Martin Challenge   Sun 3/29 6:00 AM
Majesty Outdoors   A teen cowboy experiences the wide open spaces of West Texas.   Sun 3/29 6:30 AM
TomBob Outdoors-Friends in Wild Places   The posse witnesses a Polar Bear Plunge in the heart of the brisk Pennsylvania winter, followed by a Mud Bog at the Medix Hotel.   Sun 3/29 7:00 AM
Sweetwater   Joey and Sonar visit Table Rock Lake in search of the bass trifecta.   Sun 3/29 7:30 AM
Jimmy Houston Outdoors   Fishing on Sugar Lake in Mexico.   Sun 3/29 8:00 AM
Into the Blue   Captains Scott Walker and Steve Rodger fish for red grouper and must make sure that they have the right equipment on board as they bring each fish to the boat.   Sun 3/29 8:30 AM
Silver Kings   Rob and Bou fish with clients Heidi Nute and Shay Doll in honor of the Ladies Fly Tarpon Tournament; Heidi's physical limits are tested in an epic battle with a big fish.   Sun 3/29 9:00 AM
Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing   Wild smallmouth bass action on Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota; a discussion on an amazing fishing app called "Fishidy."   Sun 3/29 9:30 AM
Who Was Jesus?   Experts investigate the latest archaeological and historical evidence to put together a portrait of the early years of Jesus.   Sun 3/29 10:00 AM
Who Was Jesus?   Experts examine the reality of the life and times of Jesus and what prompted him to embark on his mission.   Sun 3/29 11:00 AM
Who Was Jesus?   An examination of the tense political climate of the times and how the relationship between Jesus, the Jewish religious leaders and the Roman governors led to his execution.   Sun 3/29 12:00 PM
Biblical Preppers   People prepare for the end of days using the Bible as their guide.   Sun 3/29 1:00 PM
A Haunting   After an encounter with an Egyptian mummy, a young man is plagued by a creature that seeks to steal his soul.   Sun 3/29 2:00 PM
A Haunting   A family turns to a team of paranormal investigators and a demonologist when a relentless demon threatens them.   Sun 3/29 3:00 PM
A Haunting   A home's deadly past is revealed by fire; a family needs help handling a demon.   Sun 3/29 4:00 PM