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Nazi Hunters   The search for German scientists who created the V2 ballistic missile.   Tue 6/2 3:00 AM
Nazi Hunters   Reinhard Heydrich is the target of an ambush.   Tue 6/2 4:00 AM
Nazi Hunters   Joachim Peiper and other members of the Waffen-SS shoot U.S. soldiers in a field near Malmedy, Belgium, during the Battle of the Bulge.   Tue 6/2 5:00 AM
World at War   Churchill staunchly supports an Allied invasion of Italy, which he sees as the "soft underbelly" of Europe.   Tue 6/2 6:00 AM
World at War   The Japanese build a "superman" myth as they thrive in the nightmarish conditions of monsoons and jungles.   Tue 6/2 7:00 AM
World at War   The Luftwaffe changes the targets of its bombing raids to outlying cities after its defeat in the Battle of Britain.   Tue 6/2 8:00 AM
World at War   Germany's people do not feel the effects of World War II at home until the German army begins to lose key battles.   Tue 6/2 9:00 AM
World at War   Americans, Britons and Canadians attack on five Normandy beaches in history's largest amphibious invasion, on D-Day -- June 6, 1944.   Tue 6/2 10:00 AM
Apocalypse: WWI   The beginnings of the conflict known as "The War to End All Wars," including the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914.   Tue 6/2 11:00 AM
Apocalypse: WWI   Russia and Germany clash in the Battle of Tannenberg in August 1914; France defeats the German army in the Battle of the Marne; colonial troops join the global conflict.   Tue 6/2 12:00 PM
Apocalypse: WWI   After 16 months of fighting, neither side has gained any ground until a new machine is introduced, the tank.   Tue 6/2 1:00 PM
Apocalypse: WWI   Tsar Nicholas II of Russia becomes the first emperor to fall in the conflict; the United States enters the war as mutinies break out on both sides.   Tue 6/2 2:00 PM
Apocalypse: WWI   The end of the war draws near as the overwhelming number of American troops and their allies swing the conflict decisively away from Germany.   Tue 6/2 3:00 PM
World War II in Color   The most destructive war begins as German troops invade Poland.   Tue 6/2 4:00 PM
World War II in Color   Facing a new type of warfare, Poland was conquered in just four weeks by Hitler's army.   Tue 6/2 5:00 PM
World War II in Color   Being victorious in western Europe, Nazi Germany controlled Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, but Britain remained defiant.   Tue 6/2 6:00 PM
World War II in Color   No longer considering Britain a threat, Hitler focuses on Operation Barbarossa.   Tue 6/2 7:00 PM
Surviving D-Day   America's victory at Omaha Beach changed the course of World War II.   Tue 6/2 8:00 PM
What History Forgot   The secrets and stories behind the United States' greatest icons.   Tue 6/2 10:00 PM
Surviving D-Day   America's victory at Omaha Beach changed the course of World War II.   Tue 6/2 11:00 PM