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World's Dumbest ...   Fri 2/27 11:00 AM
World's Dumbest ...   A music festival tent-surfer; beer-pong brawlers;a flaming shot goes bad.   Fri 2/27 12:00 PM
World's Dumbest ...   Stupid celebrators from around the globe; a man with a rogue beer slingshot; Filipino friends freaking out over Miss Universe.   Fri 2/27 1:00 PM
World's Dumbest ...   Gun-toting men in thongs; a girl whose lap dance goes south; a guy with a hot dog trick you have to see to believe.   Fri 2/27 2:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Ashley puts something from Seth's personal collection for sale online, and the item goes missing; Les helps a customer negotiate a deal on a Gothic hope chest.   Fri 2/27 3:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Ashley's rash instruction leads to the destruction of an important shipment; Seth takes a ride in a hovercraft; Les does business with Muhammad Ali Jr.   Fri 2/27 3:30 PM
Hardcore Pawn   The family holds a father-daughter competition; Bobby J goes for a dangerous ride; Seth calls a friend about some horror movie merchandise.   Fri 2/27 4:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Seth bids on a valuable sports card auction without telling his father.   Fri 2/27 4:30 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Seth must sell sports memorabilia before his father's deadline; Les checks out a convertible; Ashley argues with a customer.   Fri 2/27 5:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Seth is interested in a valuable guitar; a customer tries to buy a watch with a questionable coin; Les makes a deal.   Fri 2/27 5:30 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Les sends the security guards home after they scare customers; angry customers make outrageous demands.   Fri 2/27 6:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Les makes a deal with a new supplier but Seth and Ashley don't want to goods; Les may have something up his sleeve.   Fri 2/27 6:30 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Ashley betrays her fathers trust; Les must bring in a secret weapon to do what Ashley won't.   Fri 2/27 7:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Cousin Karen is ready to shake things up on the sales floor.   Fri 2/27 7:30 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Les takes Karen under his wing and Ashley doesn't hide her jealousy.   Fri 2/27 8:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Seth thinks Les is stuck in the past; a senior strong man makes a great impression; Seth gets energized over a rare 1981 Bradley electric car.   Fri 2/27 8:30 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Tensions between Karen and Ashley explode on the sales floor; Lady Gaga's bass player shows an act of kindness.   Fri 2/27 9:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Les leads a reluctant staff on a rampage of acquisitions; Karen needs Byron's help to handle a pair of unruly piano players.   Fri 2/27 9:30 PM
Hardcore Pawn   A shakedown artist tries to make Les an offer he can't refuse, but the Golds fight back and turn the tables on the hustler.   Fri 2/27 10:00 PM
Hardcore Pawn   Ashley pranks Seth to teach him a lesson; Les takes the plunge on a prison toilet; Bobby J tries to deal with a granddad and his ventriloquist dummy.   Fri 2/27 10:30 PM