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Rescue My Renovation   A couple plow through multiple contractors while trying to fix a leaky roof.   Mon 8/3 10:30 AM
Rescue My Renovation   A shoddy repair job on a leaky roof leads to warped hardwood floors.   Mon 8/3 11:00 AM
Rescue My Renovation   A contractor leaves homeowners with a leaky front entrance that he previously claimed to have fixed.   Mon 8/3 11:30 AM
Kitchen Crashers   A Parisian inspired kitchen renovation features a baking station and high-end appliances perfect for cooking gourmet meals.   Mon 8/3 12:00 PM
Kitchen Crashers   An outdated kitchen with layout problems gets a kitschy blue and gray toned makeover.   Mon 8/3 12:30 PM
Kitchen Crashers   A cramped kitchen does not match the rest of the house.   Mon 8/3 1:00 PM
Kitchen Crashers   Homeowners who love to cook are living with a completely empty kitchen.   Mon 8/3 1:30 PM
Kitchen Crashers   A kitchen is moved from a small cramped corner to the other side of the house where it undergoes stunning transformation.   Mon 8/3 2:00 PM
Kitchen Crashers   A kitchen without a refrigerator and only a bathroom sink for dishes gets a stylish transformation.   Mon 8/3 2:30 PM
Kitchen Crashers   Alison heads to Florida to work on a beautiful 1920's home that has a blank slate for a kitchen and is in desperate need of a design.   Mon 8/3 3:00 PM
Kitchen Crashers   Alison pumps up the creativity and changes up the layout of a galley kitchen space; she shortens a large window and moves the sink underneath to maximize countertop and cabinet space.   Mon 8/3 3:30 PM
Kitchen Crashers   A dark and outdated kitchen is gutted and opened up into a Mid Century Modern space in just three days with brand new hardwood floors, all new cabinets, bright backsplash, banquette seating and a custom walnut dining table.   Mon 8/3 4:00 PM
Kitchen Crashers   The crew finds a couple of California homeowners with an enormous kitchen that only has its size going for it; its problems include exposed plywood and dated cabinets.   Mon 8/3 4:30 PM
Kitchen Crashers   A cramped kitchen is revamped by partially knocking down the wall into the dining room and accenting the room with an arch and distressed corbels.   Mon 8/3 5:00 PM
Kitchen Crashers   Beachy wall tiles, a mix of butcher block and stone countertops, a swinging chair and a faux green wall finish off a rebuilt kitchen.   Mon 8/3 5:30 PM
Kitchen Crashers   A bland and boring backyard is completely transformed into the ultimate outdoor kitchen; a live edge dining table becomes the focal point.   Mon 8/3 6:00 PM
Kitchen Crashers   An urban backyard is overhauled with composite gray decking cut in a unique pattern, a built-in bench with planters and stone bases, and Garapa wood mounted horizontally to a wall to enclose the space.   Mon 8/3 6:30 PM
Kitchen Crashers   Alison and the crew tackle an outdoor kitchen with marine grade cabinets, stone countertops, outdoor appliances and freshly painted furniture.   Mon 8/3 7:00 PM
Kitchen Crashers   A grimy outdated kitchen with pink tile, tired cabinets and worn appliances is blown up into an elegant farmhouse kitchen in three short days.   Mon 8/3 7:30 PM
Kitchen Crashers   Alison has a big project on her hands as she flips an ancient kitchen into a modern masterpiece by re-vamping the floor plan, eliminating a window, opening up the doorway to a small nook and doubling the size of the main entrance.   Mon 8/3 8:00 PM