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Mad Money   Thu 7/2 6:00 PM
The Profit   Marcus helps the owner of a New York cupcake shop before he loses his business and his marriage.   Thu 7/2 7:00 PM
Shark Tank   A former athlete believes his product can save lives; environmental lawn-mowers; solution to car sickness; kids birthday party franchise; an update on the Body Jac.   Thu 7/2 8:00 PM
Shark Tank   Three of the sharks make a deal for an innovative Internet company, but before the deal can be sealed, a battle ensues and one of the sharks is ousted; a lifelong entrepreneur tries to get the sharks to invest in his latest fitness device.   Thu 7/2 9:00 PM
The Profit   Entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis attempts to rescue Precise Graphix; despite making millions in revenue, the owners, brothers Keith and Dean Lyden, have been losing money at a frightful rate.   Thu 7/2 10:00 PM
Secret Lives of the Super Rich   A $65 million mansion in Aspen, Colo.; the largest closet in America; Ryan Serhant reveals a $118M listing that will likely need a gut renovation; a million dollar SUV covered in bullet-proof armor.   Thu 7/2 11:00 PM
Secret Lives of the Super Rich   A top-secret look at the largest James Bond car collection in the world; inside a $45 million mystery mansion bursting with secrets; a single piece of jewelry worth $120 million.   Thu 7/2 11:30 PM
Secret Lives of the Super Rich   An exclusive tour of the most expensive home in America; a dirty car worth millions; the man who bought 18 mega-yachts; a $30,000 custom perfume.   Fri 7/3 12:00 AM
Secret Lives of the Super Rich   An exclusive tour of a mansion built on spec with a shocking price-tag; A super rich dog living in a fabulous Miami penthouse and not happy about it.   Fri 7/3 12:30 AM
Secret Lives of the Super Rich   Inside the mega-mansion where Versailles meets the Taj Mahal; super rich dogs that drive around in Lamborghinis and sleep in luxury hotel rooms; an exclusive tour of a top secret construction site reveals one of the most expensive homes in America.   Fri 7/3 1:00 AM
Secret Lives of the Super Rich   An exclusive tour of Ryan Serhant's $49 million listing reveals a royal secret; the VIP warehouse where the super-rich park millions in exotic cars that they never plan to drive; a casket covered in 24k gold.   Fri 7/3 1:30 AM
Coin Collecting with Mike Mezack   Learn about the wonderful world of numismatics with your host Mike Mezack and get the opportunity to build your own collection with some of the best deals around!   Fri 7/3 2:00 AM
American Greed   A man and his brothers run a massive $40 million rare coin con until they're caught and embark on a grisly revenge plan.   Fri 7/3 4:00 AM
American Greed   A man with a multimillion-dollar yacht, 80 sports cars and a Playboy magazine model girlfriend runs a $200 million fraud.   Fri 7/3 5:00 AM
American Greed   A con man runs a fake green energy business and collects millions by scamming major corporations; a notorious cat burglar steals sterling silver in America's most expensive ZIP codes.   Fri 7/3 6:00 AM
American Greed   A couples life unravels in a fury of greed and hate when one of them ends up dead.   Fri 7/3 7:00 AM
American Greed   A man sets his sights on strip clubs, real estate, Iraqi currency, diamonds and even mind control technology.   Fri 7/3 8:00 AM
American Greed   A man claims to be reformed after serving seven years in prison for turning his carpet cleaning company into a multimillion-dollar scam.   Fri 7/3 9:00 AM
American Greed   An international crook steals more than 40 million dollars from investors and the US government through a sham computer company and bogus plots to build homes for the poor.   Fri 7/3 10:00 AM
American Greed   Stockbroker Jordan Belfort pleads guilty to fraud and does jail time; Belfort gets a Hollywood makeover.   Fri 7/3 11:00 AM