Upgrade to the New User Interface!
In order to enjoy voice control functionality of your New TiVo VOXTMRemote, you will need to upgrade your on-screen interface to the New TiVo Experience.
With the New TiVo Experience you will enjoy:
  • Voice control (when combined with a TiVo VOX Remote)
  • Home screen menu customization
  • Enhanced show predictions and recommendations
Things to note:
On your main TiVo DVR
  • Rest assured, all of your DVR recordings and OnePassTM selections are preserved when you upgrade. No need to re-create everything!
  • Once you upgrade the new TiVo Experience, you will not be able to downgrade to the prior experience without losing all of your settings and recordings. The upgrade is designed as a one-way trip!
If you have a TiVo Mini
  • When you upgrade your TiVo BOLT®, BOLT+® or Roamio® DVR, any TiVo Minis you use in other rooms will also have to upgraded, otherwise they can no longer connect to your host DVR. Each TiVo Mini you use will automatically prompt you to upgrade when it connects to a DVR running the New TiVo Experience.
  • The New TiVo Experience makes frequent use of the BACK button. If you have a first-generation TiVo Mini in another room, please visit http://explore.tivo.com/how-to/remote-control to explore options for using the New TiVo Experience on your first-generation TiVo Mini
  • Once this form has been submitted, please allow 24-48 hours for your box to be upgraded. There is no need to submit this form again and forcing a service connection from your TiVo box will not download the upgrade until we have processed your request.
Please select the DVRs you wish to upgrade to the New TiVo Experience. (Remember, the TiVo Mini's associated with these DVRs will be upgraded automatically.)
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Upgrade my box to the New TiVo Experience!
Thank you for your submission. Your TiVo DVR experience should update within 48 hours.
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