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Get set up and connected.

Cable users, start here.

TiVo BOLT VOX™ works with your existing cable service. To access all your cable channels, order a CableCARD (M-Card) from your cable provider. This small card simply plugs into the bottom of your TiVo BOLT VOX. Pick up a few at your nearest cable service center or have a cable technician install one for you. CableCARDs don't always sync properly, so make sure you get more than one. The FCC requires cable companies to provide CableCARDs, so they have to accommodate your request.

  1. Connect the cables and set up your TiVo BOLT VOX.
  2. Insert the card in the bottom CableCARD slot with the abel facing up.
  3. Call the cable company and ask them to activate and pair the CableCARD with your TiVo BOLT VOX. If the cable technician is present, they can call for you.
  4. After completing the guided setup, select Test Channels to make sure you can view all of your cable programming.

CableCARD activation support

Charter Communications: 1-888-438-2427

Comcast/XFINITY: 1-877-405-2298

Comcast/XFINITY online activation

Cox: 1-877-820-8202 

Insight Communications: 1-866-440-1024

Mediacom: 1-866-848-7064

Optimum: 1-866-670-0855

RCN: 1-888-891-7770

Suddenlink: 1-888-822-5151

Time Warner: 1-866-606-5889

Verizon FiOS: 1-888-897-7499

Verizon FiOS online activation


HELPFUL TIP: For CableCARD issues, call our Technical Support at 1-877-367-8486, and we will conduct a three-way call with
your cable company. Contact your cable company from our list of providers above.

Antenna users,
let's dive in.

TiVo BOLT VOX can also work with an HD antenna. Pair them together and start enjoying HD content right away. Just plug in your antenna cable and you're ready to go. Watch and record free over-the-air channels in eye-popping HD, along with virtually endless streaming from the web.

TiVo BOLT VOX 3TB is not compatible with HD antennas.

Additional resources

Determine the best antenna for you


Connect TiVo BOLT
VOX to the internet.

TiVo BOLT VOX requires an internet connection, so TiVo service can deliver your daily channel guide updates and so you can stream content from providers like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO GO and more.1 The BOLT VOX also provides unique SkipMode® functionality2 and lets you stream content to your mobile devices.

1. Wired Ethernet

Plug the included Ethernet cable into the back of your TiVo BOLT VOX. This method is ideal for streaming content between two or more TiVo DVRs or to a TiVo Mini.

2.  Ethernet over coax (MoCA network)

TiVo BOLT has a built-in MoCA network adapter so no additional adapters are required. This is ideal for streaming content between TiVo devices if you don’t have wired Ethernet. If you have Verizon FiOS, your network is already MoCA-enabled!

Two ways MoCA works with TiVo BOLT VOX:

1. When your router is next to TiVo BOLT VOX, connect the Ethernet cable from your router to TiVo BOLT and choose "Create MoCA Bridge" from the guided setup menu.

2. When your router is located elsewhere, connect the TiVo® Bridge accessory to your router and coaxial cable. Then connect TiVo devices by using coax.

For more detailed instructions, go here.

3. Wireless

All TiVo BOLT VOX devices have built-in wireless capability. With a wireless connection, you can transfer shows between DVRs or watch shows on your mobile device. This method does not support streaming content between two or more TiVo devices, such as TiVo DVRs or to a TiVo Mini.


Download the TiVo app.

Once an internet connection is established, sync your TiVo BOLT VOX to the free TiVo app for iOS or Android devices. Use the TiVo app to search, browse and schedule recordings from anywhere.3 Want to watch TV around the house or on the go? Yeah, it can do that too.


Compatible with iPad/iPhone.

Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Learn more


Compatible with non-Intel or

AMD chipset Android devices.

Requires Android 4.1 or later Learn more


Additional resources

Learn more about the TiVo app


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1 Broadband internet connection is required to access and receive streaming content. Availability of third-party content from streaming sources is subject to change and certain third-party fees may apply.
2 SkipMode feature is not available for all recorded shows.
3 Requires iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod® touch device running iOS 7.0 or later, or Android™ mobile device running 4.1 or above with a non-Intel or AMD chipset (sold separately). Out-of-home streaming supports streaming to only one of your devices at a time. Not all recorded content can be streamed or downloaded to a mobile device (due to copy protection assigned by content provider and/or other technical limitations). Some recorded content can only be streamed/downloaded to your mobile device while you are on the same local network as your TiVo BOLT. Out-of-home streaming/downloading may not be available for all recorded content.
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