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Enter TiVo service number

If you are a TiVo customer but your email address is not on file with us, you can add your email address to your TiVo account. Once your email address is on file with us, you can sign in to tivo.com to make changes to your account or schedule recordings on your DVR. Just provide the TiVo service number of your DVR, and then enter the "special confirmation phrase" that we send in a message to that DVR. (This allows us to confirm the DVR belongs to you.) After you enter that special confirmation phrase on tivo.com and set a password for your account, you'll be all set!

  • If you obtained a TiVo box from your cable company, your account is already activated. Please complete the form below to add your email address to the account.
  • If you obtained a TiVo box from a retail location, please activate your TiVo box to create an account.
  • If your email address is already on file and you have forgotten your password we can send you a temporary one.
  • If you have a DIRECTV DVR with TiVo service or a Comcast DVR with TiVo service, you'll need to contact DIRECTV or Comcast for assistance with your account.

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Where do I find my TiVo service number?

The TiVo service number is a 15-digit number.
You can find it:

  • On a sticker on the back of the DVR
  • On the TV by pressing the TiVo button, and going to 'TiVo Central' > 'Messages & Settings' > 'Account and System Information' > 'System Information'
  • On a label on the side of the carton