• More space. More tuners. More TV.

  • Skip commercial breaks with one click.

  • Record free TV, and pay no monthy fees.

TiVo BOLT® replaces your cable box.

You don't have to use your cable company's equipment. Upgrade to TiVo BOLT and replace that ordinary cable box with something extraordinary. You keep your existing service, but maximize your cable subscription. The benefits truly kick butt.

TiVo SkipMode
eats commercials.

Now, watching TV feels like being in the movies. For the first time ever, you can now skip entire commercial breaks with the touch of a single button. No more guesswork, overshooting or button mashing.

Meet your 4K Unified Entertainment System.

TiVo BOLT seamlessly integrates all your favorite content from Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. And it's fully 4K Ultra HD compatible, so you can be sure your setup will be future-proof.

Speed-watch your shows in QuickMode.

QuickMode lets you speed through your recorded shows-and non-live shows with a buffer-30% faster than normal speed, with pitch-corrected audio. It's perfect for slow-moving news shows, sports and long-winded political debates.

"Dreams come true. No more commercials." -US News & World Report

The best multi-room solution. Get more. Pay less.

Why should the family room hog all the fun? Add the TiVo® Mini to your other TVs in your home and get the same experience in every room—and you won’t pay another nickel in monthly fees.

Watch TV anywhere.

Your entertainment shouldn't be stuck on a wall. Access your TiVo BOLT with our apps for tablets and smartphones or directly from your laptop.

5 reasons why TiVo should be in your house.

TiVo puts it all together.

The entertainment landscape is more fractured than ever. In fact, the TV is no longer reserved for just TV anymore; streaming content is arguably just as important. Only TiVo connects all the dots in a way that’s seamless, searchable and hassle-free.

A better way to
avoid commercials.

The only thing more annoying than watching commercials is having to fast-forward through them every 10 minutes. With SkipMode, you can skip over an entire commercial break at the press of a button, and resume your show without interruption. What you do with all that time you save is your own damn business.

It’s 4K UHD compatible.

TiVo works with any TV, but If you'€™ve upgraded to a 4K TV, TiVo BOLT is for you. It'€™s 4K compatible right out of the box. So make the most of all that color, clarity and detail your fancy TV can deliver.

TiVo saves you money every month.

Cable companies not only charge you for your channels, but they also bill you for rental fees, DVR fees and multi-room service fees. With TiVo, you pay one low price no matter how many TVs you’ve connected. If you use an HD antenna, you’re saving even more. See Free HD channels.

Make the switch today

Cable Company DVR

  • No integrated streaming content
  • Not compatible with 4K Ultra HD TVs
  • Fast-forward guesswork required to avoid commercials
  • Mobile access limited to on-demand
  • Expensive monthly rental fees


  • Integrated Netflix, Amazon Prime & more
  • 4K Ultra HD compatible out of the box
  • Easy, one-touch skipping of entire commercial breaks
  • Watch recordings on mobile devices
  • Records 4 shows at once, up to 150 HD hours of storage

"A hub for the whole universe of video." -David Pogue, Yahoo!

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