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    Say it. Watch it. It’s that easy.

  • Live TV and Streaming Services,

    TiVo brings it all together.

  • New Experience. Totally TiVo.

    High performance. Easy to use.

Control TiVo
with your voice

If you can say it, you can watch it. Ask TiVo to “Show me movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio,” and cut straight to what you’re looking for without typing into an on-screen keyboard. Search less. Watch more.

DVR remote control with voice for home
dvr voice remote control for cable and OTA, black

All you need is TiVo

No more switching inputs on your TV, fumbling with multiple remotes and searching through apps to find what you want. TiVo seamlessly integrates live TV, on-demand, recordings and streaming services like Netflix into a single on-screen interface. TiVo is all you need to watch the movies and TV shows you love.

TiVo gets you

There’s a ton of TV programs and movies out there. Over time, TiVo learns the types of programs you like to watch, your favorite actors and directors. When you’re in the mood to find something new, TiVo helps you cut through the clutter to find the stuff you’ll like.

happy women watching home dvr recording with wine

Stunningly beautiful

TiVo BOLT VOX and TiVo Mini VOX can bring the beauty of 4K Ultra HD programming to every room in your home. Welcome to TiVo’s ultimate Tru Multi RoomTM viewing experience.

"Dreams come true. No more commercials." -US News & World Report

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