Popup - Service plan details, $0 down, 2-year commit

Service Plan Accompanying Your TiVo renewed Roamio DVR

Service Required

Your TiVo renewed Roamio DVR requires a TiVo monthly service subscription, at the rate of $19.99/month, with a two (2)-year commitment. Except as permitted by the thirty (30)-day money-back guarantee, an early termination fee will apply if your TiVo service is cancelled prior to the fulfillment of the two (2)-year commitment period. The early termination fee will equal $150 if your TiVo service is cancelled within the initial 12 months or $75 if your TiVo service is cancelled during months 13 to 24.

Additional Terms and Restrictions Regarding Your TiVo Service Subscription

Your monthly TiVo service subscription will continue after the two (2)-year commitment period at the same monthly rate (unless we notify you otherwise), until you call customer service (at 1-877-367-8486) to cancel. Your monthly service plan that accompanies your TiVo renewed Roamio DVR includes, at no additional charge, an enhanced limited warranty (known as "Continual Care") for the full, uninterrupted duration of your monthly TiVo service subscription. With Continual Care, and for a cost of $49.00 (plus shipping and any applicable taxes) after ninety (90) days from your purchase date, you can exchange a defective or inoperative DVR for a repaired, renewed or comparable product (at TiVo's discretion). The exchange exclusions and restrictions contained in the TiVo DVR Limited Warranty continue to apply; please visit Limited Warranty Info for details.

 Streaming/Downloading to Mobile Devices:

  • Requires an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device running iOS 5.1 or higher, or an Android mobile device running 4.1 or above with a non-Intel or AMD chipset (sold separately).
  • Your 4-tuner TiVo Roamio DVR requires a TiVo Stream accessory (sold separately).
  • Not all recorded content can be downloaded to your mobile device (due to the copy protection assigned by the content provider and/or other technical limitations).
  • Some recorded content can only be streamed and/or downloaded to your mobile device while you are on the same local network as your TiVo Stream.
  • Out-of-home streaming/downloading may not be available for all recorded content. Out-of-home streaming only supports streaming to one of your mobile devices at a time.
  • Wired network connection required (via MoCA or Ethernet).

TiVo DVRs:

  • Additional third-party fees may apply in order to use some apps (such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime Instant Video).
  • Broadband Internet connection required to stream programming on your TiVo Roamio DVR.
  • TiVo Roamio DVRs do not work with satellite.
  • To receive digital cable channels, TiVo DVRs require one Multi-Stream CableCARD decoder from your cable provider. Additional fees may apply.

All features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice. See the TiVo User Agreement and Privacy Policy for additional terms and conditions that apply to your subscription to the TiVo service and use of a TiVo device.