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Save money on all your entertainment and how you watch it.

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  • With 4 tuners and up to 150 HD hours, you can capture it all with your HD antenna (not included).
  • Watching TV with an HD antenna and TiVo BOLT OTA costs hundreds of dollars less than a cable subscription.1 Hello, more popcorn!
  • Plus, keep an extra hundo in your pocket when you choose TiVo BOLT OTA and still get 4 tuners to record four shows at once.1



Apps. Live TV. DVR. One seamless way to find, watch and enjoy it all.

TiVo BOLT OTA black dvr with remote
  • Say what you want and get it. If only the rest of the world worked like our voice control.2
  • Recommendations you’ll love. (Because we could all use a trusted friend.)
  • Take Outlander on the airplane. Watch The Good Place, anyplace. Your favorite shows, wherever you go.
  • Poke around. Push our buttons. Experience the user experience like no other.


So many choices. Only two eyes.
And More3
Two great ways to enjoy your free TV.
EDGE for antenna BOLT OTA

Tuners - number of shows that can be simulatenously recorded

4 4

Storage - recording capacity

2 TB / 300 1 TB / 150

SkipMode® - skip commercial breaks with a single button

QuickMode - watch shows 30% faster with pitch perfect audio

OnePass - gather every available episode to binge watch

Remote control TiVo LUX Remote TiVo VOX Remote
Audio - Advanced sound DOLBY ATMOS DOLBY ATMOS
Tru Multi Room™ up to 12 boxes supported up to 10 boxes supported
Home Networking WiFi 802.11ac 4x4 DBS WiFi 802.11ac 4x4 DBS
Mobile Viewing
MSRP $349.99 $249.99
TiVo Service Plan Options: $6.99/mo, $69.99/yr., $249.99 All-in $6.99/mo., $69.99/yr., $249.99 All-in
EDGE for antenna BOLT OTA

Tuners - number of shows that can be simulatenously recorded

4 4

Storage - recording capacity

2 TB / 300 1 TB / 150

SkipMode® - skip commercial breaks with a single button

QuickMode - watch shows 30% faster with pitch perfect audio

While there are other OTA solutions out there for saving live TV, TiVo's software package is the best in the game. It's truly set and forget.

A superior service

Powering all of the key features you’ll love including skipping past ads with a tap, the required TiVo Service subscription gives you rock-solid protection of all your entertainment plus a better way to find, watch and enjoy it. Spoiler alert — we’re worth it.


$6.99/month (requires a yearly commitment)




$249.99 (service for life of device including ownership transfer)

TiVo BOLT OTA for antenna

Save up to $250 with code SAVEBOLT

  • $100 off TiVo BOLT OTA for antenna
  • Service Plan Savings: $2 off Monthly, $20 off Annual, and $150 off All-In Plan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Offer ends 6/1/20
  • Use code SAVEBOLT at checkout to unlock savings

TiVo BOLT OTA for antenna 1 TB

TiVo Continual Care

Your Total

I love to DVR a game and, a half-hour after it starts, begin watching it with QuickMode and of course skip commercials, too.
-Rich R. from Twitter, on QuickMode
Tech Specs

Recording Capacity
150 HD Hours


Hard drive size


Video output
v2.0 (4k 24/60, 1080p, 24/60)

Coax connector


Optical audio out


Analog audio

Helpful information

User guide download pdf link

Set up Explore how-to guides

1 Based on research, as of June 28, 2018, conducted by TiVo of standard cable offerings. An estimated savings of $832 over three years is based on the median average able to be saved based on standard cable fee packages. The pricing of a standard cable package includes service fees, rental fees and hardware costs. Feature and functionality comparison conducted by TiVo is based on substantially equivalent features provided in a standard cable package as advertised by various cable companies compared to those features available with the TiVo BOLT OTA.

2 Voice control not available in all languages.

3 Broadband internet connection is required to access and receive streaming content. Availability of streaming content from third-party sources is subject to change, and certain third-party fees may apply. Streaming apps may not be available in all regions.

4 SkipMode feature may not be available in all regions or for all recorded shows.

5 Compatible tablets and mobile devices consist solely of an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® device running iOS 9.0 or later, or an Android™ mobile device running 4.1 or above with a non-Intel or AMD chipset (sold separately). Not all recorded content can be streamed or downloaded to a laptop, tablet or mobile device (due to copy protection assigned by content provider and/or other technical limitations). Some recorded content can only be streamed/downloaded to your laptop, tablet or mobile device while you are on the same network as your TiVo BOLT OTA. Number of concurrent in-home streams depends on your network connection and the number of available tuners on your TiVo BOLT OTA. Out of-home streaming/downloading (a) will support streaming to only one of your devices at a time and (b) may not be available for all recorded content in all areas.

6 Streaming within the home from TiVo BOLT OTA to another TV requires a separately purchased TiVo Mini. TiVo’s iPhone & iPad apps also allow AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV. TiVo BOLT OTA works optimally with up to two (2) TiVo Minis. A network adapter (sold separately) may be required.