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A mobile experience
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Take your TV with you.

Imagine watching your favorite football team play live from your hotel room on the other side of the world. Or loading up a dozen recorded shows onto your tablet and catching up on your next flight. Whether you’re streaming TV remotely or downloading shows before a road trip, TiVo will quickly become your can’t-live-without app. With access to unified search with OneSearch™, you can search for shows on cable TV or in apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO GO and VUDU. TiVo will link directly to that show or movie and open it in that app. You can also set up a recording or create a unified watchlist with OnePass™ and grab every available episode for your binge-watching pleasure.

TV and streaming content at the push of a button.

The TiVo app lets you watch all your shows—no matter where they come from. That’s because you can access all your OnePass shows right from your tablet or smartphone. Whether it’s live TV, recorded shows or content streaming from Netflix or Amazon Prime, your next episode is always at your fingertips.

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A TV guide and a remote.

Take TV into your own hands. Without interrupting the show that’s on the screen, you can research an actor’s career, browse previous episodes and seasons, set up your OnePass selections, see what’s playing on other stations, modify your settings and generally be the boss of your TiVo. Oh, did we mention it’s also a great way to change the channel? It’s that, too.

4K UHDTV display skip mode screen

Now playing in your web browser.

TiVo Online gives you the convenience of TV on your computer by consolidating online apps, making it easy to find and watch what you want in one place. Watch TV shows and games live. Enjoy shows you’ve already recorded. Launch streaming content at the push of a button. You can even create a OnePass, see what’s on tonight and manage all your settings. Who says you need a TV for TV anymore?

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Cast videos straight from the YouTube and Netflix mobile apps to your TV.

If you have an iOS or Android™ device with the Netflix™ or YouTube® app installed, you can take advantage of your device’s keyboard and search for shows in the app, then cast them directly to your TV. Apple TV owners can also cast their recorded shows to their Apple TV® with AirPlay®.

Compare our mobile experience with what the cable company gives you.

As you can see, we make it a priority to give you access to the content you crave, no matter what device you happen to have in front of you. The other guys? Not even close.

  iOS Android TiVo Online Cable Co.
Streaming sessions Up to 4* Up to 4* Up to 4* 2
Download recordings yes yes no no
Stream live TV (all channels) yes yes yes no
Stream recordings yes yes yes no
Premium download (HBO, Showtime) yes no no no
Manage recordings yes yes yes no
Unified Search (OneSearch) yes yes yes no
Unified watchlist (OnePass) yes yes yes no
Live guide yes yes yes no
In Home streaming yes yes yes no

* Roamio Plus, Pro and Stream accessory support up to 4 simultaneous streams. TiVo BOLT supports up to 2 simultaneous streams.

The TiVo BOLT® brings you this extraordinary mobile experience... and so much more.

TiVo’s mobile capabilities round out the TiVo BOLT experience, making it a truly Unified Entertainment System. On top of that, you’ll enjoy ground-breaking TiVo features like SkipMode®, QuickMode® and OnePass™.

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Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play