How to set up a Season Pass® recording (and never miss a show you love!)

seasonpassA Season Pass recording keeps track of a show that is part of a series. Set one up, and the TiVo service will make sure to record the show every week–even if the day or time changes. You can even tell your TiVo box how many episodes to keep and if it should record reruns.

On Tivo BOLT, TiVo Roamio, TiVo Mini, and TiVo Premiere boxes using HD menus, Season Pass recordings have been replaced by OnePass! To learn more about OnePass,
go here.

This feature is available on:

  • TiVo Premiere with SD menus only
  • Series3 and earlier DVRs


Scheduling a Season Pass recording

Once you find a show to record, you can easily schedule a Season Pass recording.

  1. After selecting a show to record, select "Get a Season Pass" on the information screen.
  2. If you like, select "Options" to customize your Season Pass recording. Use the arrow keys on your remote to adjust each option as needed. Want to keep all episodes in the series? Select "All episodes" from the "Keep at Most" choices. Want to skip re-runs? Set "New only" as the "Record" option.

    Your Season Pass recording is scheduled!

Note: If you have Groups turned on in your "My Shows" list, a show's title may appear in more than one folder, even though there is only one recording of the show. For example, you might have an auto-recording WishList search for an actor who also appears in a series, and you have a Season Pass recording for that series. Each episode of the series will appear in two folders—one for the WishList search and one for the Season Pass recording. If you delete the show in one folder, the title also disappears from the other.

Managing your Season Pass recordings

When you have multiple recordings scheduled for the same time, the TiVo service uses the "Season Pass Manager" to decide which show to record. If you don't change the priorities, shows are prioritized in the order in which you set them up. If you want to change the priority order:

  1. Press the TiVo button to reach TiVo Central, then select 'Manage Recordings & Downloads' > 'Season Pass Manager.'
  2. Highlight a show, then press the RIGHT arrow to highlight the arrows to the right of the title. Use the UP/DOWN arrows to move the selected title up or down in the list. The higher a show appears in the list, the higher its priority.

Watching and recording more than one show at a time

With all the great stuff out there to record with your Season Pass recordings, it's a good thing the TiVo box is a fabulous multitasker! You can always watch a show from your "My Shows" list while recording other shows at the same time.